Swarthmore Coalition for the Digital Commons
Get the Diebold Memos here!
October 1, 2004

We won the Diebold case!!! Check out the press release from the EFF, EFF Wins in Diebold Copyright Abuse Case.

As stated on the EFF's page on the Diebold suit, we are suing Diebold to halt their efforts to shut down any website that hosts or links to the memos. We are represented by Stanford's Cyberlaw Clinic, and our co-plaintiffs are the Online Policy Group, who is represented by the EFF.

If you would like to contribute to our legal defense, the best thing you can do is join the EFF.

Our most recent project having to do with e-voting (apart from the lawsuit) was "Choosing Clarity: A Symposium on Voting Transparency", a conference that we held at Swarthmore College on Saturday, December 6th. We hope to hold another similar symposium again next semester. Currently we are trying to support Rush Holt's bill and increase awareness about e-voting issues.

We keep getting Slashdotted :-D So response times may be slow.

Please bookmark this page as http://scdc.emegaweb.net or http://scdc.sccs.swarthmore.edu.

Contact: Nelson Pavlosky (npavlos1 at swarthmore dot edu) and Luke Smith (lsmith1 at swarthmore dot edu)

What is SCDC?

The Swarthmore Coalition for the Digital Commons is a student organization at Swarthmore College inspired by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation. It is dedicated to promoting a bottom-up, participatory structure to society and culture, maintaining free and open standards for information, and resisting the recent radical expansion of intellectual property law (as exemplified by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act). Read more about us in this article.

We were awarded Guerillas of the Week by the Guerilla News Network on October 27th! Well, not just the SCDC, but everyone at Swarthmore who did their part to keep the memos in the public eye, including our friends over at Why War?. Everyone give yourselves a pat on the back :-)